Recipe: Yummy Yam Cake | Taro Cake | 芋頭糕

Yam Cake | Taro Cake | 芋頭糕. Taro cake is a Chinese dish made from the vegetable taro. While it is denser in texture than radish cakes, both these savory cakes made in a similar ways, with rice flour as the main ingredient. When served in dim sum cuisine, it is cut into square-shaped slices and pan-fried before serving.

Perhaps, it is to blame the diminishing use of moving carts in restaurants, where dim sum ladies pan-fry foods, like pan-fried stuff tofu and this taro cake, in front of. Yam Cake (Or Kuih) – Steamed cake made from yam pieces, dried prawns and rice flour, and usually served with a chilli dipping sauce. Chinese Steamed Yam And Pumpkin Cake (芋头金瓜糕). You can have Yam Cake | Taro Cake | 芋頭糕 using 16 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Yam Cake | Taro Cake | 芋頭糕

  1. You need 50 g of Dried Shrimp,.
  2. You need 8 of Dried Chinese Black Mushroom,.
  3. Prepare 50 g of Dried Scallops,.
  4. Prepare 100 ml of Canola / Vegetable / Peanut Oil, For Frying About.
  5. You need 1 of Red Onion Finely Sliced Into Rings,.
  6. You need 500 g of Yam / Taro Peeled Finely Diced,.
  7. You need of Chinese 5 Spice, 1 TSP.
  8. Prepare Pinch of Sea Salt,.
  9. You need Pinch of White Pepper,.
  10. It’s 1 TBSP of Light Soy Sauce,.
  11. Prepare 3 Cloves of Garlic Finely Minced,.
  12. You need 200 g of Rice Flour,.
  13. It’s 1/2 TBSP of Sriracha,.
  14. Prepare 1 TBSP of Kecap Manis,.
  15. You need 1 Handful of Scallions / Green Onions Finely Sliced,.
  16. You need 1 Handful of Red Chili Deseeded Finely Sliced,.

The Best Yam Cake Recipes on Yummly Purple Yam Cake, Golden Yam Cake, Steamed Savoury Yam Cake. Chinese Taro Cake (aka Yam Cake or Wu Tao Gao 芋頭糕)Taste Hong Kong. Savory steamed yam/taro cake is topped with dried shrimp, green onions, fried shallots and chili is one of popular snacks or kueh in Southeast Asia.

Yam Cake | Taro Cake | 芋頭糕 step by step

  1. Divide the water equally into 2 separate bowls. Soak dried shrimps and mushrooms in the water for at last 30 mins. Prepare a steamer. Transfer the dried scallops into a heat proof bowl.
  2. Steam for at least 15 to 20 mins or until the scallops are fork tender. Remove from heat and set aside to cool down. Remove the dried shrimps and mushrooms from water. *Do not discard the water as it is needed at a later stage.*.
  3. Finely chop the dried shrimps and set aside. Finely dice the mushrooms and set aside. Once the scallops are cooled, tear the scallops into shreds using your hands and set aside. In a cast iron skillet over medium heat, add the oil.
  4. To check if the temperature of the oil is ready, place a wooden chopstick into the oil. If bubbles start to form, the temperature is ready for frying.* Add in the onion rings. As soon as the onion rings start to turn golden brown, remove from heat and transfer to a plate lined with kitchen paper and set aside.
  5. Add the yam into the same skillet (with the remaining oil). Saute until the yam starts to soften. Remove from heat and transfer into a large mixing bowl. Season with Chinese 5 spice, salt and pepper.
  6. Still using the same skillet with the remaining oil, add in the dried shrimps, mushrooms and scallops. Stir to combine well. Add in light soy sauce and garlic. Saute until aromatic.
  7. Transfer into the bowl together with the yam. Add in half of the fried onions. Mix to combine well. Add the water stock (from soaking the dried shrimps and mushrooms) into a pot over a medium heat.
  8. Gradually, sieve in the rice flour while whisking to combine. Stir to combine well and cook until the batter thickens. Add in the yam mixture. Stir to combine well.
  9. Lightly grease the cake pan with oil. Transfer the mixture into the cake pan. Prepare a steamer. Steam for at least 45 mins or until a skewer comes out clean.
  10. Remove from heat and allow it to cool down completely before slicing and serving, at least 1 hr. Mix sriracha with kecap manis in a small dipping saucer. Serve with scallions, red chili, the remaining fried onion and the sriracha dipping sauce.

I'm sharing another one of my all-time favorite cake, steamed yam/taro cake. We call this kue keladi in Indonesia. It is also known as orh kueh in Hokkien. Chinese Yam Cake. ? Taro cake. Taro cake, is sometimes referred to as yam cake, which is made from taro and not from yam due to the mistranslation in Malaysia and Singapore. #taro cake #purple cake #purple yam #taro #icing #sugarcraft #sugar roses #piped icing.

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