Recipe: Appetizing Seafood Fried Rice

Seafood fried rice. This is a quick and easy shrimp fried rice recipe that my kids all love! Set aside to sit for ten minutes at room. Fried rice is a staple in Asian culture.

It's the perfect combination of taste and nutrition. This shrimp fried rice recipe was very simple to follow, a breeze to make, and makes a very flavorful dish! The recipe's simple nature allows the cook the flexibility of adding other ingredients if they so desire. You can have Seafood fried rice using 12 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Seafood fried rice

  1. It’s 1 of onion, chopped.
  2. Prepare 5 each of squid rings.
  3. It’s 5 of prawns.
  4. It’s 1 bunch of chopped parsley.
  5. It’s 1 of egg.
  6. You need 1 cup of boiled rice.
  7. It’s of salt.
  8. You need of ground black pepper.
  9. Prepare 2 of soy sauce.
  10. It’s of lemon juice.
  11. It’s of olive oil, extra virgin.
  12. Prepare 1 cup of mixed vegetable.

In my batch of rice, I added peas, extra bean sprouts, and cooked the eggs prior to adding them to the rice. SEAFOOD FRIED RICE Fried rice is not specific to Vietnam, but it has become popular all over the world and can certainly be found in every Vietnamese restaurant in Biloxi. Experiment with the seafood that you like, but this is a very good combination. Heat a wok or large heavy skillet over high heat.

Seafood fried rice step by step

  1. Boiled the rice and strain the water. Keep it aside for cooling.
  2. Boil the seafoods and cut them into bite piece.
  3. In frying pan add oil and scramble the egg.
  4. Then one by one add all the ingredients and stir fry .
  5. Keep the heat high and fry for 5 mins and serve hot.

In a medium skillet over medium heat, heat oil. Add garlic and stir for one minute. This stir-fried rice with seafood recipe – packed with flavour from plump mussels, squid, prawns, and a healthy dose of XO sauce – makes a quick and easy dinner dish that doesn't compromise on flavour. Shrimp fried rice is one of the most popular Chinese recipes in my cookbook "Easy Chinese Recipes" (best-selling Chinese cookbook on Amazon) and I am now sharing an updated version with feedback from my readers in the past few years. Shrimp fried rice is one of the easiest fried rice recipes, and maybe even the most delicious.

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