Recipe: Yummy Chinese Brocoli with Black Bean Mackerel

Chinese Brocoli With Black Bean Mackerel. Chinese broccoli is a leafy vegetable with broad flat leaves and fat stems. It looks different from the regular broccoli and has a bitter note. I like the Hong Kong Chinese broccoli, which looks great when served.

Chinese Brocoli With Black Bean Mackerel Wash and trim Chinese broccoli of all large leaves. Chinese broccoli tastes like a cross between broccoli and broccoli rabe. It has a slight bitterness that pairs well with the sweetness in black bean sauce. You can cook Chinese Brocoli With Black Bean Mackerel using 2 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Chinese Brocoli With Black Bean Mackerel

  1. You need 150 grams of black bean mackerel.
  2. You need 300 grams of chinese brocoli / kai lan vegetable.

Five-spice pressed tofu and Chinese black vinegar can be found at most Asian grocery stores. Chinese black vinegar, in particular, is worth. Ingredient Note: Black bean-garlic sauce, made from pureed salted and fermented black soybeans, is a widely used condiment in Chinese cooking and can be found with the Asian food in most UGC Reviews Modal. Reviews for: Photos of Broccoli with Black Bean-Garlic Sauce.

Chinese Brocoli With Black Bean Mackerel instructions

  1. Baked the black bean mackerel at 180 C till bubbly for 10 minutes then set aside or simply just steamed it for 10 minutes (Bain Marie style).
  2. Bring a pot of water to a boil then add salt and chinese brocoli stem first for 2 minutes then the whole leaf for another 1 minutes,then drain and plate it.
  3. Drizzle the baked black bean mackerel on top of the chinese brocoli / kailan and serve immediately.
  4. Below,are few of my black bean mackerel sauce and black bean sauce recipe,i am glad to share with you

Reduce liquid by half over medium heat and then add the black beans. An easy beef marinade and stir-fried veggies come together for a quick and easy dinner that's faster than ordering in. with Black Bean Mayo & Roasted Broccoli. Find recipes that suit your lifestyle with our These burgers are packed with fresh ginger and savory Chinese black bean sauce—which you'll also combine with mayonnaise for a savory, creamy spread. Broccoli and tofu are tossed in a spicy black bean sauce in this quick and easy chinese stir fry! What's your favorite dish to order at a Chinese restaurant?

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